Mahjong Alchemy HTML5

22.06.2022 1.671 10 votes

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What is Mahjong Alchemy HTML5?

Mahjong Alchemy HTML5

Mahjong Alchemy HTML5 is an even better version, newer too, of the last game with this title to have been added into our amazing category of Mahjong Games online, which never runs out of steam, as new and interesting games get added into it quite a lot, just like we are showcasing to you right now when we're sure you will have just a blast!

Do some Mahjong Alchemy online!

There are two levels in this game that can be played, each with its own specific tiles and arrangement:

  1. Fruit Ninja
  2. Litera

Find two identical tiles, and if nothing separates a path between them, it means a link can be made, so click on them to find out if that is true, and when those two tiles have been matched, they get eliminated, and you get points in return, and to finish the level you need to match and eliminate all the tiles!

It's really all that simple and fun, and we're sure you will strike gold, create it, rather, in this awesome game with tiles to match!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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