Rocky Rampage

24.06.2022 546 4 votes

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What is Rocky Rampage?

Rocky Rampage

Rocky Rampage is yet another amazing cannon shooting game online, which brings you forth into a brand new world of fun, where all of us have had a ton of fun, and this is a format that has been tried a lot, so you're going to have tons of fun, guaranteed!

Play Rocky Rampage online unblocked right now!

To shoot the turtle, move the cannon with the mouse to set the angle, and then hold down the left mouse button for power, releasing when it is highest. Don't run out of bullets without making too many points, and grab power-ups that keep the turtle flying, as well as the extra lives.

Try to make a big distance, hit a lot of things, collect as much money as possible, and know that after each run, you can do another one, where you should try getting even more points than before, and reach further! Let's begin the fun right now, as only here is possible to have it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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