Daddy Rabbit: Zombie Invasion

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Daddy Rabbit: Zombie Invasion
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What is Daddy Rabbit: Zombie Invasion?

Daddy Rabbit: Zombie Invasion

Welcome to the Daddy Rabbit: Zombie Invasion game, one of the best new action-adventure games on our website, an incredible addition that has animals, zombies, farmers, and a cool style that resembles so many classic animations beloved by children everywhere, and we're sure that adults too would love playing this game as well!

Help Daddy Rabbit protect the bunny babies from the Zombie Invasion!

To assume control of Daddy Rabbit you mostly use the mouse, clicking where you want him to go, click to make him attack, or eat the farmer's carrots, which you should definitely do as often as you can when you are above ground because that is how you get your energy.

After that, go into the underground to pick up all your baby bunnies, keeping them close to you, because the underground world is full of blocky zombies that you have to be careful of. Shoot them down or go around them, but make sure that you don't lose babies because you will then fail your primary mission as a father and lose the game.

If you give carrots to the babies, they fall asleep and cannot be bothered by zombies, so remember this trick when you want to go by yourself on a quest. A ton of fun awaits you, in an immersive world unlike others, and we hope to see you around even more so, we never run out of great games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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