Super Bomb Bugs

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Super Bomb Bugs
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What is Super Bomb Bugs?

Super Bomb Bugs

Super Bomb Bugs is an amazing new platformer game with action, adventure, bugs, and bombs, of course, as the title suggests, which is even better because you can undertake this new adventure solo, or with 2 players to make things even more fun!

Of course, the bugs are the characters that you become, and you do it in order to get back the evil-doers that have stolen their treasures, and you will bomb your way through four worlds to get them back!

Go on a crazy adventure with the Super Bomb Bugs!

As you climb through the levels, use buttons, and various devices you find to advance forward past obstacles and traps, and when you encounter the baddies, bomb them. Collect the items in the treasure chests to make things more fun when you try the multiplayer mode with two contestants who battle one another with bombs.

Avoid the destroyer when you see it since it will cut you up, and when you bomb places, try not to damage the environment too much, but focus their blast on enemies. Collect gems to improve your score and protect yourself from the explosions of the bombs.

Use the following controls:

  • Single-Player Mode: WASD to move, space to lob, M to drop.
  • Player 1: WASD to move, C to lob, V to drop.
  • Player 2: ARROWS to move, ',' to lob, '.' to drop.

Great co-operation, focus, and bravery will be the keys towards winning this game and having tons of fun with it, as with any of our other games which we invite you to try out!

How to play?

SP: WASD, space, M

P1: WASD, C, V

P2: ARROWS, ',' '.'

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