Lampada Street

26.06.2022 625 5 votes

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What is Lampada Street?

Lampada Street

While we have had many cross the road games online on our website added so far, all of them being great, we're very excited that we can now offer you one of the most unique and stylish ones so far, called Lampada Street, where you become a lamp that tries to cross the street in a 3D world where cars move through the night all the time.

Cross Lampada Street online!

The highway you are trying to cross with the lamp is endless, with new lanes being added all the time as long as you keep crossing them, so aim to make a distance as big as possible. Simply hold down the left mouse button to run forward, and release it to stop.

Stop at the crossroads not to get hit by oncoming traffic, because when that happens, you lose instantly and have to start again from scratch, of course. We wish you the best, endless fun, and hope you stick around for more to come, as we've got games for days!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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