Amelia Watson Case File No.420

26.06.2022 2.048 35 votes

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What is Amelia Watson Case File No.420?

Amelia Watson Case File No.420

Amelia Watson Case File No.420 is a brand new visual novel story that you can play through together with the greatest detective in the world of Vtubers Games online, and that is the one and only Amelia Watson, who's got a new mystery to solve, her favorite thing to do in the world!

Solve Amelia Watson's latest case file (420)!

The mystery of this game revolves around Takanashi Kiara who wakes up in the trash because she died and got turned to ashes that were later thrown into a bin. This isn't a problem though, as she is a Pheonix, so she came back to life. Still, she wants to know how did this to her, so Ame is going to try and solve that crime.

This story is a linear one that goes about one hour and a half, there are three variations that lead to a common end story, but there are also two joke endings you might discover, and a bonus after the story that is unlockable. Use the mouse to interact with the novel and keep things advancing in whatever direction you want it.

Begin right now, have the best time possible, and stick around for more fun to come, since we always have something awesome in store for you here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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