Solitaire Seasons

Solitaire Seasons

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Solitaire Seasons
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Solitaire Seasons Overview


Any of the seasons can be Solitaire Seasons if you wish them to be, and that means playing the best solitaire games online for free on our website, either on PC or mobile devices, which is the chance we are giving you all right now with this amazing new addition we highly recommend!

Get ready for Solitaire Seasons!

Use the mouse to tap on the cards and arrange them over one another in descending or ascending order, it does not matter as long as you go down or up to one level only, sometimes having to take into consideration the colors and symbols on the cards as well, so they are not the same.

Use the mouse to click on the cards and place them, and once you've arranged and sorted all the cards, and there are no more of them left in the deck, that is when you will have won, simple as that.

You will have multiple levels to clear through many of the seasons, and we're sure you will have an incredible time from start to finish, as with any and all of our other cards games, for that matter!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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