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Go Cross

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Go Cross
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Go Cross Overview


Go Cross is a brand new running and racing game in 3D we are delighted to share with everyone here free of charge right at this moment, where you become a blue stickman racing against a red stickman, and this one also brings into the fold the format of cross the road games, so you can bet you're going to have a unique experience!

Go Cross the road and its perils, winning the race!

Control your stickman character using the mouse (or the finger, if you're playing on a phone or tablet), and first try collecting as many blue burgers as possible, because they rise your level, making you bigger each new level you upgrade, as food usually makes us bigger in real life as well, no?

Then, cross the road that is filled with cyclists riding slowly or fast, depending on the level, but make sure not to get hit by them. Of course, if your level is higher than the number on them, you knock them down, but it also cuts down one of your levels, so the next cyclist that hits you might be fatal, in case you have only reached level 2, for example.

But, if you cross the road safely and with at least one power level left, you have finished the level and advanced to the next one, where the traffic on the road gets heavier, but we're sure you will welcome the challenge and complete it anyway!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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