Slashville 3D

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Slashville 3D
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What is Slashville 3D?

Slashville 3D

Slashville 3D is a special action-adventure game in 3D with lots of interesting elements, being quite unlike most of the other games in this genre you might be used to, where right now we're sure you will have lots of fun with, just like we've had, maybe even more so!

Enter Slashville 3D and have fun!

You start off in the perimeter of your propriety, where you have to slash tomatoes to go near a builder and give it to him so that he creates buildings, gates, or plant crops. Keep planting crops, cutting the tomatoes, and using them for upgrading both your buildings and base, and the hero's proprieties, skins, or character.

You then have to go outside your house, where you will fight off against monsters, killing them to earn even more rewards, all the while protecting your base. If you can, make sure to buy pets, since they help around the location, but also when fighting against enemies.

Use the mouse to move around, attack, make decisions, and everything else in between! Idle elements are perfectly combined with action and adventure with this 3D game, so we invite you to start right now, where fun never stops, and we then invite you to play even more of our great games of the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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