Heroes Towers

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What is Heroes Towers?

Heroes Towers

Heroes and Towers are what you will be using to achieve victory in the newest medieval war online game we present to you right now and here free of charge, where we guarantee you will have the absolute best of times if strategy and defense games are your vibes, as we always bring you the best of them, and this is not going to be an exception either!

Use heroes and towers to win the war!

When you're being attacked by neighboring armies, use the coins you have to acquire various defenses for your tower, building them as stronger, durable, and powerful as possible, so that when the wave of attackers comes, you survive until the fight is over, which happens when the timer reaches 0 seconds.

Achieving the defense part will bring you coins, which you should then use to go to war yourself, attacking the enemies near you and their towers, for which you will use the coins you earn to spawn heroes and send them out in battle.

Of course, having successful campaigns means overtaking your enemies and defeating them, but not all, as you also earn lots of coins that you should use for better heroes and upgrades, combining attack and defense for victory!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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