Island Bombing

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What is Island Bombing?

Island Bombing

Island Bombing is one of the most interesting shooting games online we've ever had here so far because you will shoot rockets from your boat to bomb entire islands and destroy them, as you find yourself in a virtual world of all-out war, so these are the steps you need to take!

Get ready for Island Bombing online!

Your warship moves left and right automatically, and when you click or tap, it shoots bombs. Islands come towards you in various places on the water, so time your shot to make it happen in front of them, shooting them down to gain points for each successful hit.

Know that you need to bomb each island before the time bar on the top empties out, because if that happens, you have to start again from zero, and if that happens, we hope you try harder and gain even more points than in your previous high score. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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