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UglyVilla Overview


UglyVilla is where ugly toys live, and two of them, a green and a red one want to escape to see the bigger world and have fun in it, which is what you and another player will help them do since this is one of our latest pixel games in 2 players, where you will have a brand new adventure!

Escape UglyVilla, in two players!

Control RED using the ARROWS keys and GREEN using the WASD keys, using these sets of controls to run and jump. Walls  fall from the sky, and spikes are found on the ground, and you will find other traps and obstacles too. Avoid them at any cost, because bumping into them means death for any of the two characters, and if just one dies, both of you lose.

As you advance through the courses, collect the rectangles to increase your score and make it as big as possible, and grab both the red and the green keys to open the door at the end of the stage, otherwise, you won't be able to pass on to the following one, of course.

Now you know the game's premise and gameplay, so you should be ready to give it your best right now, together, and then maybe play even more 2P games online for free here!

How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.

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