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Tiny Landlord

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Tiny Landlord
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Tiny Landlord Overview


Tiny Landlord is here to once again prove the charm and adoration that city simulation games online have all around the world, as this is a tried-and-tested format with amazing examples such as The Sims series, with this one taking inspiration from it, but taking things on a grander scale, as you're trying to build a whole city with more apartments than houses, which were the point of that series.

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You start off with about 400k in cash, which you need to use for investments and development, so in the available patches of land, buy as many apartment buildings as you can, which in turn will bring in more cash for you, as your residents pay their rents or their mortgage.

Be attentive to the needs of your residents, so that they don't walk out, by doing things that they ask from you, like placing benches in the parks, cleaning up, maybe adding new facilities for pets or children, and anything else that they might require to have their best lives there.

Of course, to make the area more attractive, bring in new people, and keep the prices high or raise them up, buy more land, add shopping complexes, facilities, restaurants, parking spots, and everything else that you can buy or build, always reinvesting the money that you earn, in turn earning even more cash.

That's the gist, as we will let you discover all the fun this game presents by yourself, and there's no doubt in our minds you will be having a tremendous amount of fun, as always!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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