Parkour Survival

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Parkour Survival
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What is Parkour Survival?

Parkour Survival

Parkour Survival masterfully combines running and jumping games 3d with zombie games, as being good at parkour would definitely be a very good skill in a world overrun by zombies, even more so if they are like these ones, not the slow ones you know from most shows and movies, but fast ones that are chasing you!

Ensure your survival with your parkour skills!

Your character runs forward on the rundown highway, where you will have various obstacles in your path, caused by the destruction of the zombies, and you need to jump over them, slide underneath them, or go left and right.

Before each obstacle, you are given buttons on the screen for these actions, and you will click to pick one of them, so pick the right one to continue your run and advance!

Sometimes you meet zombies in front of you, and you should definitely pick the skull button since that is made for attacking and killing the zombies. Take them down to be safe!

Reach the safety tent at the end of each level to complete it, and earn as many coins as possible, using them to buy new skins for your character and keep things fresh.

If you make the wrong decision or you wait too long, you die. Each new level presents you with a bigger and more difficult obstacle course, with more traps and more zombies, so always improve on your timing and skills to be a survivor and a winner!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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