Delivering Hope

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What is Delivering Hope?

Delivering Hope

Delivering Hope is a shooting and flying game with bounce elements that are made for the ever-evolving world of Hololive Games online on our website, as it is precisely for the reason of adding games like this that we've created a Vtuber Games category, and as you can clearly see, it is constantly improving with more awesome games, this one featuring the virtual anime streamer known as IRyS!

Delivering Hope by flying with Hololive's IRyS as far as possible!

From the left side of the screen you will use the mouse to click and set the angle at which you yeet her out into the sky, and once again to determine the power, depending on how much the meter fills. Aim to go as high as possible and with as much strength as you can.

When mid-air you can click to boost, but know that this uses boosting energy. To recover it and get more charge, drink the sodas by hitting them. If you're near Calli and you hit her, she boosts Irys up, but make sure to avoid Bae, as she is not friendly, and will stop you in your tracks.

Bananas are good to grab, as they fly you higher and higher, but avoid the meatballs, since they only slow you down. Now you know the game's basics, so we are sure that you will have a fun time delivering hope and great results, with us hoping that you make a bigger distance run after run!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.