Backpack Hero

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Backpack Hero
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What is Backpack Hero?

Backpack Hero

We now invite you to become Backpack Hero in one of the best backpack flying games online with adventure elements, which is also pixelated, but despite its retro look, it is a modern game we would highly recommend. It also features three characters that you can become in it:

  1. Purse is a rat who might come from a small and poor village, but she is quite peppy, and she is storming the dungeon with the goal of saving her family and native place.
  2. Tote was banished by the elder frogs, and you should know that magical carvings appear in each turn she is in danger.
  3. CR-8 is a rodent made out of metal, an animal-robot hybrid who uses his nerdiness to defeat all enemies in his path!

Explore the dungeons as the Backpack Hero online!

With your magic backpack, you will have to go as deep as possible into the dungeons and collect items along the way, which are different from one animal to the other. With the mouse you will click to take actions such as moving forward, opening up treasure chests, or placing the items from them inside your backpack.

Take strategic decisions in what items you keep and what you leave behind, as your space is limited, but make sure to always be ready for any dangers you encounter. Let your newest adventure begin right now, and make sure to share the game with as many of your friends as well, we're sure they will love it here!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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