Bridge of Doom

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What is Bridge of Doom?

Bridge of Doom

The Bridge of Doom is a virtual hell where you and a Viking have ended up, and he needs all the help he can get to cross the bridge and reach the afterlife, something that you're going to give him a hand towards, by helping him avoid all the obstacles and countless dangers in your path!

Let's cross the Bridge of Doom online!

Tap on which side you want the Viking to go, such as left, right, or forward, and when you see spikes coming out of tiles, only cross them when they're down, while also being careful not to fall into the lava. Monsters appear as well, and to defeat these demons you have to click forward multiple times until they disappear.

There is no way back, as tiles fall down after you've stepped on them, keep that in mind! As you advance, the more tiles you pass, the bigger your score becomes, so aim for a really big top score, and when you die, try again and try to get an even bigger one! Good luck with that we wish you, and tons of fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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