Hacker Rush

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Hacker Rush
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What is Hacker Rush?

Hacker Rush

Welcome to Hacker Rush, a running game in 3D with collecting and obstacles too, which is a premise we are sure you will really appreciate from start to finish, just like we've had, because that is why we wanted the game here for you, and because we've not had games with hackers like this one before!

It's time to go on the Hacker Rush online!

Use the mouse to move your hacker as he runs forward on the streets, as you need to collect Bitcoin, Pizza, or Hard Drives, which improves your level as a Hacker, making you go from Noob, to Black Hat, and, hopefully, an expert at some point.

Make sure to avoid the police officers, the antivirus, other hackers, robbers, and anything else that seems dangerous, an obstacle, or a trap. They deplete your XP bar and level, so don't let this happen.

This is because at the end of each run you have to do a hack to save a person, such as a woman getting robbed in the first rush, and the higher your level, the better you will do in the hacking.

Let's begin all this fun right now and here because you can see how tremendous it is, and make sure to stick around for more to come, only here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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