Sweet Boom

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Sweet Boom
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What is Sweet Boom?

Sweet Boom

Sweet Boom is going to be one of the most fun and sweetest puzzle games you play today on our website, pun intended, so we hope you are not going to miss out on this opportunity for anything in the world since you would only be missing out on the chance of improving yourself while having plenty of fun!

Let's make a Sweet Boom online!

Choose between the Normal and Extra levels of difficulty to start off with, and then begin from the first puzzle, and then try completing all of them, no matter how complicated they become along the way.

When you click on a jelly enough times and it explodes, it blasts itself all over the place, transforming nearby jellies in their color, and you have to use this gimmick to make all jellies of the same color so they all explode.

You win once you have made all the jellies the same color or simply worked through them all and blasted them all away. Of course, your number of taps is limited, so figure out the best way to achieve that quickly.

Now you've learned the way these puzzles can be solved, so attempt it right now, and have fun as only here is possible, where we will bring out even more games for you soon enough!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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