Ghost Fight IO

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What is Ghost Fight IO?

Ghost Fight IO

We've just brought Ghost Fight IO online for you right now as we know how much you enjoy playing io multiplayer games online, and, at the same time, there are not that many of them out here featuring ghosts, so you're about to have a totally fresh new experience that we definitely recommend to everyone!

Can you win the IO Ghost Fight?

Use the mouse to move your ghost around the map, where you have to collect as many white energy bubbles, which will increase your number and eventually your size, which is important, since you should hunt and hit players with a small number than yours to defeat them and rank higher, but avoid those bigger than you if you don't want to die.

As you keep leveling up you will eventually get to change your skin if you want, and make sure to collect shields, power-ups, and various bonuses from the map, since they are going to help you in your missions. Good luck and the very best we wish you all, inviting you to stick around for more amazing daily content we bring you here for free!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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