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What is Morbsweeper?


Can anything make Minesweeper a better game? Well, Morbius, of course, the Marvel vampire that has dominated the world of internet memes all year long, making us very excited to share this game with you all right now, since it is Morbin' time again!

Try Morbsweeper online for a morbin' time like none other!

Help Morbius get a great review score, so make sure not to explode too many review bombs that are hidden underneath Morbs since they will explode and bring your score down a lot. Right-click on morbs to reveal what they have in them, and if bombs are revealed, they also explore other ones near them in any of the four directions.

Just like with Minesweeper, make sure not to cause too many wrong explosions, or you lose, so focus, count things, and if you die, well, you can always start again. Good luck and the best we wish you all, as always!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.