Bhop Craft

Bhop Craft

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Bhop Craft
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Bhop Craft Overview


Bhop Craft is here to elevate the Minecraft Parkour Games you've been playing here even higher, literally, as you go really high into the skies with this one, so now, instead of falling into lava or water, if you slip up, you are going to fall from the heavens. Still, you did get there, did you not? Let's have fun, and let's tell you how to do it!

Let's do some Bhop Craft online!

As we said, you're in the sky, and you're hopping from one block to another, using only the mouse to go in the direction you want to go, so make sure you always land on the blocks in order to continue, and if you reach the portals, they will help you make an even bigger jump.

Try to stay in the air for as long as possible without falling, which is when you die, and if you reach the island in the sky, you complete the level and then have a new course to undertake. Are you up for it? If you have fear of heights, maybe you will be scared, but we're sure you will get past it and succeed!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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