Erase Her

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What is Erase Her?

Erase Her

Welcome to Erase Her, an erasing game online that is way more than that since this is actually an interactive puzzle-adventure game online where you have the amazing opportunity to join a woman in the adventures of her lifetime, as you start off by doing time travel and even meeting an alien!

Erase Her: erase to keep the adventure going!

In the first level the time machine is stuck, so erase the sandwich that is blocking it, and after she travels to her new location, erase the drape so that you reveal the alien dude hiding behind it, so she can escape from it. In each level, to pass it you need to erase something that is causing problems.

Can you figure out how to solve each puzzle by erasing it? Think hard, interact with the surroundings of this woman, find out the solution, and never give up, as you can try the levels however many times you want to. Good luck and the best we wish you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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