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Handshakes Overview


Handshakes are one of the most fun puzzle games for toddlers, kids, and even adults that we're now happy to be sharing with you free of charge on our website since it is a game with an educational aspect, one that aims to kids the importance of doing handshakes, being friendly, and having a smile on your face to make yourself and those around you happy!

Let's make the perfect Handshakes online!

In each level, you have two smileys with huge hands in opposite directions, and your goal is to bring their two hands together so they do a handshake, which is when you complete the level. The number on them represents the number of tiles you can move your hand on.

Use the WASD keys to move one hand, and the ARROW keys to move the other hand. Now, it's not all that simple, as you will need to push green buttons to open doors, move boxes out of the way, and do other various techniques in order to get the path free and make the handshake in the given number of moves.

You can play by yourself and move both hands, or you can ask another player with you, each taking on the role of one Smiley Face Man, and working together to do the handshake in the fifteen levels that get progressively more difficult as you advance!

How to play?

Use the ARROWS AND the WASD keys.

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