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What is Nimbo?


Meet Nimbo, the newest character that you're set to embody in one of our newest platform-adventure games with puzzle elements, some of the best games here being of that genre since this is a combo that you can never go wrong with, no doubt, even more so as this game has a total of 24 puzzles for you to solve, two pixelated cutscenes that you will view, all for a total of about 15 to 30 minutes of gameplay, depending on how fast you are!

Join the adventures of Nimbo online!

Move using the WASD keys, cast spells with J, and jump with the K key. In each level you find yourself in a dungeon surrounded by traps, obstacles, but also supernatural elements and enemies, so get rid of them when met upon, avoid the dangers, and find the way towards the next level.

Do you have what it takes? You need to jump into the adventure, think hard, and if you do all that, the solution will arise, Nimbo will move ahead, and eventually see the light of day!

How to play?

Use WASD, J, K.

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