Squid Hero Impostor

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Squid Hero Impostor
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What is Squid Hero Impostor?

Squid Hero Impostor

Squid Hero Impostor is a game that represents one of the latest crossovers of Squid Games online and Among Us Games online, two of our most popular categories, so you can bet that when they are mixed up it will only result in an even better experience for fans of both pages!

Become the Squid Hero Impostor that saves the day!

Use WASD/ARROWS to move and jump with the hero, and when you see red impostors that are also guards, drop on top of their heads to kill them, without ever letting them touch you head-on because if that happens, you die then and there.

Reach the key so that it opens the dotted line door, and then pass through it to the next level. Try collecting all the coins along the way for a big score, and take advantage of items such as trampolines, for example.

Each new level features a bigger and trickier map with more enemies, so always improve your game and try your hardest to always come up on top!

How to play?

Use the ARROWS/WASD keys.

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