Kisiy Misiy

03.08.2022 881 8 votes

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What is Kisiy Misiy?

Kisiy Misiy

Kissy Missy is the pink and female counterpart to Huggy Wuggy from the Poppy Playtime Games category of our website, and it always makes us very happy to offer you new games that feature her, even more so when they are platform-adventure games with a pixelated world as the one you play here today, titled after her: Kisiy Misiy!

Help Kissy Missy through the obstacle course!

Use the WASD keys to move and jump with the character, making sure not to fall into pits, but, most importantly, avoid the spinning wheels with spikes that move in any and all directions as traps, because if they touch you at any point, you are going to lose then and there and have to restart the level.

The obstacle courses get more difficult from level to level, so focus harder too as well, and try collecting the coins in each one for a big score, as they are found on the road. That is it, so now that you're aware of the principle of this game, let the fun begin, and check out more content from this same category!

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How to play?

Use WASD to move and jump.