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What is combines what everyone wants to play at this moment, which is multiplayer games with tanks, and we now offer you one of the best such experiences, and we've got an even better surprise for you, a bit of help so that you can set this game off with a ruckus:

if you use the code bigmoney, you can get some extra credit to do upgrades to your tanks. Just go to the Promo Code section in the main menu. You're welcome!

Enter the dynamic world of SmashTanks.Io and start the fun!

After choosing your name and doing the customizations you want to do for your tank, enter the 3D arena, where you have to go around, shoot down the other tanks, and try being the last one standing in the room to get all the loot in return!

Try not to get taken over by bigger players, so the element of surprise and determination should be your primary resources. As you keep winning tank smashing duels, upgrade your tank to make it better, stronger, and faster!

Use the WASD/ARROW keys for movement, aim and shoot your cannons using the mouse, and jump by pressing the spacebar.

There are always new players, new maps, and lots of fresh excitement going around this interactive gaming experience, so make sure you stick around and revisit our game often, to keep the fun going. Just remember your user details!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys, spacebar, and the mouse.

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