Ninja Gravity

05.08.2022 1.031 5 votes

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What is Ninja Gravity?

Ninja Gravity

Ninja Gravity is a really simple yet really fun and exciting jumping game with ninjas, which is one of their best-known abilities, as they are known as some of the most agile assassins in history, so let's prove that right now with this amazing new skill game we highly recommend you!

Defy gravity as only with a Ninja game online you could!

When you click/tap the ninja will jump from one wall to the other one, on the other side, and you do that to keep climbing higher jump after jump, and collecting coins in between the two walls to improve your score. See how far up you can get and how many coins you can grab!

Make sure not to hit the ninja stars or any other kinds of obstacles placed in the air, because when you hit one, you lose immediately and will have to start again from scratch, of course. Now that you've understood, let the fun begin, and tell us in the comments what your record score was, and see how you fared against players worldwide!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.