Sharky Subscribers

Sharky Subscribers

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Sharky Subscribers
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Sharky Subscribers Overview


Sharky Subscribers is a new Vtuber Game online meant to celebrate Gura from Hololive reaching an important milestone in her subscribers' count (4 MILLION, WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT?), which we are sure will be just the first of many, so let's celebrate all that through this amazing new swimming game, which makes senses, as she is part anime girl, part-shark!

How many Sharky Subscribers can you get?

Use WAD to move and the spacebar to jump, point the trident with the mouse, and give your best to swim around the ocean collecting as many shrimp, fish, and other sea creatures as possible, building the biggest underwater army ever seen, making even Aquaman afraid of it, haha.

It's as simple as it is fun, which is always the case with Hololive Games online for free, and we hope to see you check out the category further if this is your first time in it!

How to play?

Use the W, A, and D keys, spacebar, and the mouse.

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