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Noob Run

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Noob Run
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Noob Run Overview


Let's have ourselves some fun with Noob Run online, a brand new running game with skill and timing elements we are sure the visitors of our website will really appreciate, as the game has a huge world through which you can advance for as long as you want because there are no limits to it, only the limits of your abilities!

Run with Noob!

The Noob with a hat is being chased down the road by a rolling boulder, and if it hits and squashes him, you will lose, so make sure that does not happen. When you reach junctions in the road, click/tap to change direction, because falling off the road also means losing.

In case you need to jump over various obstacles use a double click/tap. Of course, as you go on, different kinds of obstacles appear, traps too, with the road only getting more challenging, and as you keep earning coins in return, use them to unlock new skins for your avatar.

We wish you great focus and good luck and hope to see you play more of our daily games, they are on their way!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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