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What is Civilization?


Civilization is a new take on world-building games such as the Civilization Games series that inspired this one, but with modern technology, in 3D, and with a whole new world for you to explore and grow from nothing, which had always been the main attraction towards amazing sandbox games online, of which we want to always bring you the best of them!

Build your own Civilization online!

You start off as a primitive caveman who wants to go out of the caves and build his own world over which to rule, and you need a headquarters to give commands from, so building the city hall is going to be your first task. For that you need resources such as stone, so find the ore to collect it.

Rock, wood, metal, meat, and many others are going to be the primary elements that you need to scavenge for, dig up, collect, or pick, using them to grow the town into a city and then into a whole new country, always using the resources you gain to invest back into what you are making.

Of course, the bigger place you build, the more people will be in it, allowing you to evolve the civilization since many humans banding together have always worked toward that goal. Make sure you finish each task before the given time runs out. Move using the arrows, and interact with the mouse.

We wish you the best of times in ushering in a new era for mankind, at least virtually, as we are positive that this simulation will be entertaining from start to finish, right now!

How to play?

Use the arrows and the mouse.

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