Bottle Shooting 3D

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What is Bottle Shooting 3D?

Bottle Shooting 3D

Bottle Shooting 3D is a brand new bottle shooter game online for free we are delighted to share it with you on our website, knowing that this is an activity that might be beloved by many, but at the same time, it is quite a dangerous one, which is why it is best if you do it virtually, as we invite you to do right now on no less than 300 levels. Yes, you read that right, so get ready for an endless amount of fun!

Bottle Shooting online 3D has never been more fun, try it!

Firstly, you will choose between the Easy, Medium, and Hard levels of difficulty, and then start off from the first level, and try seeing how far you can get. In each level you have a limited number of bullets you can use to complete a level, having to use them to shoot down all the targets.

Bottles can be static, in the air, on the ground, but some are moving, so you can bet that the placing of your targets only gets more complicated as you advance. Hold any of the two mouse buttons to aim, and shoot by pressing the spacebar. Use R to reload.

The fewer shots you need to take to finish a level, the better, and based on this and the time you take you can get from one to three stars per level, and we hope to see you always get 3 out of 3! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse, spacebar, R key.

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