Money Gun 2

Money Gun 2

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Money Gun 2
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Money Gun 2 Overview


Money Gun 2 is going to be a different kind of shooting game 3d online that we invite you here to play right now, not just because it has running elements as well, and your skills are put to the test, but because instead of a gun with bullets, you shoot one with money. Yes, cold, hard cash! Inspired by the classic Supreme money guns hypebeasts all over the world have fallen in love with, this game is about to bring you lots of fun!

Shoot the Money Gun and get rich!

Use the mouse to aim and shoot the money gun at the zombie-like people attacking you, and shooting dollar bills at them will eventually make them stop, but only when they transform from their poor selves to their rich versions, when they are dressed up to the nines, or in the latest drip.

The more money you shoot at these people, the more you make as well, as counter-intuitive as that might sound because this is actually an investment. Don't stop here either, as you should also shoot at the trash or other ugly things on the streets to turn them into benches, food stalls, or other cool stuff that is good for everyone.

Each run, make sure not to miss targets and let them pass through you because if that happens, you lose. Good luck, enjoy, and don't hesitate to invite your friends along for the ride of fun too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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