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What is Hex FRVR?


Hex FRVR is an important puzzle game with friv elements that are meant for those who want to procrastinate which the FRVR Games category NEEDED to have, and we're saying this because this was the first game made by the developer, starting off a series of amazing games over the years, a collection that keeps on growing on our website too, as you can see!

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Hexagonal puzzle pieces in various shapes are given to you on the right side of the screen, and with the mouse or finger you drag them over into the huge hexagon also made out of the same shapes, aiming to form a complete row from one side to another, because then they get eliminated.

That does not only give you more room to place more hex pieces but also gives you points in return, so try achieving a big score, while also being careful not to end up having no more valid moves to make, because if that happens you lose and have to start all over again from scratch. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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