The Knights of Novelmore

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What is The Knights of Novelmore?

The Knights of Novelmore

You are now invited to play The Knights of Novelmore online, the first-ever fighting game that this category has had, where all of us in the team have already had tons of fun, and how could we not, since this game lets you play the role of a warrior who has to protect his kingdom from the attacks of the enemies, directly, using his sword and powers.

Help The Knights of Novelmore win the battle!

With the mouse on PCs and the finger on mobile devices, click and tap to make attacks on the enemies that are coming towards you on the top of the tower, and know that if you hold, you will have more power behind your attacks, so use them to defeat those enemies quicker.

You should also focus on making multiple hits in a row to get a combo, since that makes you stronger and also gives you more rewards, and if you fill-up the attack button and it becomes blue, you can use it to enact a special attack where you make an avalanche of rotating sword swings around all enemies in your path.

Of course, bosses appear as well, and it will take more effort for you to beat them, but we are sure you are brave and will achieve it, while also having plenty of fun!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.