Fish & Trip Online

Fish & Trip Online

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Fish & Trip Online
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Fish & Trip Online Overview


Welcome to Fish & Trip Online, one of the most interesting swimming games online to have been added to our website so far, just something we know from our own awesome experience with it, so we hope you won't miss out on it for anything in the world, you are only missing out on tons of fun that could be had here!

It's time to Fish & Trip Online!

Use the mouse by holding the left button and moving it around if playing on a PC or use the finger to drag on the screen to move your fish, having to give your best to catch all the fish required for each level, grabbing them and taking them with you, as long as they are of the same size as you.

If you see big fish, avoid them, as they eat you and you lose. For extra points grab the red bubbles, using them later on in the shop to buy new and bigger fish for you to control so that you can stand a chance against bigger fish. Each new level has bigger targets, but even more, fun for you to have at the same time, of course!

Let's begin right now, as only here is possible, and make sure to tell your friends to come around too, they will love what they have to find here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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