From Heartbreak to Happiness: Love Doctor

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What is From Heartbreak to Happiness: Love Doctor?

From Heartbreak to Happiness: Love Doctor

From Heartbreak to Happiness: Love Doctor is a game in which Rapunzel (Blonde Princess) gets dumped by her boyfriend right before their date, and that makes her really sad, she cries, and she starts looking awful, unlike how she usually does, which is stunning. So, this means it is time for a makeover that will help her look amazing from top to bottom!

Become the Love Doctor that turns Rapunzel From Heartbreak to Happiness!

Start off by uninstalling apps that make her sad, wiping away the tears, but also giving the princess a new phone, and treating her with some ice cream, since the first thing she needs to take care of is her insides, so she can feel better, after which she will look better too.

For that part of the transformation, apply all sorts of creams, use makeup cosmetics too, and when done with that, dress her up in a new outfit, make her look amazing, and see to it that she matches with some new and cute boys on social media so that she can forget about her bad ex.

Don't worry, you will be given instructions every step of the way on what to do and how, after which we're sure you will have even more fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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