Super Penguboy

Super Penguboy

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Super Penguboy
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Super Penguboy Overview


Super Penguboy is a brand new action-adventure game with running, flying, shooting, and tons of other exciting elements we are sure you will enjoy from start to finish, just like we have had, and how could not be the case when we're talking about a game with penguins, which are always a treat, as these are among the cutest animals in the entire world!

Join the adventures of Super Penguboy online!

First things first, get to know how you will control this new character:

  • A and D for moving
  • W for jumping
  • J for activating the jetpack and using it to fly
  • K to use the parachute
  • L to shoot with your laser gun

For all these controls you have on-screen button equivalents that you will use if you are playing on phones or tablets, as this game is mobile-friendly, so you can take its fun experience everywhere with you!

There will be a total of fifteen levels, with an increasing level of difficulty, and you will need to get 3/3 stars for each if possible, and they are given by collecting them from the courses.

Avoid traps and obstacles, shoot down enemies, and make sure to keep your health bar from depleting, you will lose lives in that case, and you only have three in total.

Also, grab as many coins as you can from the courses to use them in the shop for buying upgrades and new weapons. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around for more fun to come as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the W, A, D keys, as well as L, J, K.

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