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Woblox Overview


Woblox is yet another sliding puzzle game online we've shared with you knowing very well how beloved this format is all across the internet, both for PCs and mobile devices, with this game being made playable for both, so if you want to test your brain power, do it wherever you are!

Solve the Woblox puzzles online!

In each box, there will be multiple blocks of wood, and you have one that is in green, and you need to slide it through the exit marked by the green arrow. Use the mouse to move the other blocks around until the green one can pass through that area, and when that happens, the level is cleared.

Of course, each new level gets more difficult than the one before it, having a total of 45 levels to solve, so if you finish them all, you're a master. You get one, two, or three stars per level depending on how few moves you used to clear it, so the fewer moves you make, the better.

Good luck and great focus we wish you all, inviting you to stick around for more awesomeness coming here today free of charge!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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