Skateboard Challenge

Skateboard Challenge

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Skateboard Challenge
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Skateboard Challenge Overview


We know just how much visitors of our website love playing skateboarding games online of the highest quality, which is the reason why right at this moment you're invited to have the best of times possible with Skateboard Challenge, which is high-quality, playable on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, and features one incredible and fun level after the other!

Let's clear the Skateboard Challenge online!

First, learn your controls:

  • press Z for kickflip
  • C for heelflip
  • X for an indy grab
  • press space for Ollies
  • landing on the rail and pressing left is for 5-0 grind, right for nosegrind, down for noseslide

In each of your runs, try collecting as many coins as possible for a big score, and make sure to reach your target distance to clear the level. You should also grab all the letters you can so that you form the words at the top for some extra points, and catch bonus items such as the magnets, which help you collect coins easier, for example.

Each new level features a more difficult course than the one before it, but a more fun one at the same time, so we wish you simply the best, we hope to see you start playing the game right now, and then maybe check out more of our daily content!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X, C keys, and the spacebar.

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