Crush Time

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What is Crush Time?

Crush Time

Crush Time IO is about to be one of the best new io multiplayer games 3D you get to play free of charge on our website, something we can guarantee to you all from our own time spent on the game, as we played and tested it to make sure that you only have an awesome time here, and in such a huge world of these games, we want to curate you only the best content possible!

It's Crush Time online!

With your blocky-like red creature you move around the map using the mouse, and try eating as many fruits as possible to grow bigger and stronger, and then click or tap to make jumps and crush other players beneath your feet, something that you can achieve if you are stronger, of course.

Make sure not to be the one that gets crushed instead, or you will lose and have to start again from scratch. If you die, you can use the earnings you received to upgrade your character's avatar in the shop and become stronger.

XP, coins, and keys are going to be your rewards based on your performance. Make sure not to fall into the water either, you also die, and it can happen because of other traps and dangers, so beware at all times!

We wish you simply the best, as usual, and we hope to see you playing even more of our great games! Make friends, make enemies, and, most importantly, MAKE FUN!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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