Hamster and Gretel: Pinball Punch

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What is Hamster and Gretel: Pinball Punch?

Hamster and Gretel: Pinball Punch

Playing Pinball is the first thing we invite you all to do right now in our newly-minted category of Hamster and Gretel Games, which we are sure will be simply a treat, just like it has been for us so far, and why would the same not be true for you too?

Play Pinball Punch online with Hamster and Gretel!

The first pinball machine you play on is called Professor Exclamation, based on the show's villain with the same name, after which you are invited to unlock the other ones, based on other characters from the Disney Channel show, which means it will be helpful to learn them.

Launch the ball on the table with the spacebar, and then handle the flippers with the right and left arrow keys in order to keep hitting the ball back on the machine, because the more pins you hit with it, the more points you earn, so aim for a score as big as possible. Good luck, and enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.

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