Blumgi Rocket

13.09.2022 839 10 votes

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What is Blumgi Rocket?

Blumgi Rocket

Despite this new game's title being Blumgi Rocket, it's not rockets that you take control of, but, actually, it is a car with a rocket attached to it, which you will drive and use to make some of the craziest virtual stunts ever, surely having a blast of a time, just like you will blast away into the sky with the vehicle!

Let's drive the Blumgi Rocket!

At each level, you use the arrows to drive and balance your car, and you press the spacebar when you want the rocket engine to shoot up and give you an extra speed boost, helping you jump higher and further on the courses.

If you crash, you will automatically be put to restart the level, so do it as often as needed for you to finally complete it, of course! Each new level features a more difficult road, with new platforms and obstacles, but if you focus and never give up, you will finish all of them and have endless amounts of fun!

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How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.