Hello Neighbour New 1

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What is Hello Neighbour New 1?

Hello Neighbour New 1

Welcome to Hello Neighbour New 1, a brand new browser-ready take on the classic Hello Neighbor Games we know you are aware of and love a lot, otherwise you would not have been on this page here in the first place, don't you think?

Try the new Hello Neighbour game online!

As the main character, walk around in first-person using the WASD keys and sneak up inside the house of the neighbor, where there is an item you need to retrieve, your objective, and if you can then get out of the home safely, you win the level and can advance to the next mission, which will be similar in premise, but more difficult.

Of course, this means having good stealth skills and not allowing yourself to get caught, because if that happens, the neighbor character scares you to death, causing you to lose that level. We wish you all good luck and tons of fun, and really hope to see you sneaking around and playing even more of these great games in the category!


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How to play?

Use WASD to move.