Drive Mad

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What is Drive Mad?

Drive Mad

Welcome to Drive Mad, a driving game in 3D that is mobile-friendly, so you can enjoy it on PCs, phones, and tablets alike, but, even better than that, it is also a puzzle game all at the same time, and a skill game, as it is your thinking and your abilities that will be needed to drive correctly, even if the title says you should do it madly. If you do it like that, a crash is in order, no doubt!

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You find yourself in a blocky world, with the trucks you drive being similar to toy trucks, especially when you drive them badly and crash because you will then see them blow up into pieces. Depending on the level's requirements, the trucks can have various sizes and shapes.

For each level you have a new task, such as jumping over water, hitting brick walls, using bridges to cross safely, and more. Tap or click and then hold on the right to accelerate forward, and do the same but on the left if you want to go backward on the course.

Sometimes you will have to balance the truck forward and backward to be able to pass trickier spots, so figure out the best way to drive, and if you fail in one way once, try not to repeat that mistake. Good luck, enjoy, and all the best we wish you all!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

To move, use the MOUSE or ARROWS or A,D or W,S. Pause the game with ENTER and hit ESC for more information.

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