Drive Mad Winter

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What is Drive Mad Winter?

Drive Mad Winter

If you loved the first entry to this amazing driving games series, we are sure that you will really appreciate this new sequel, which you could even call a skin, as Drive Mad Winter does exactly what its title says, which is to challenge you to drive big pixel trucks through snowy and icy roads, with each new level having a different requirement for you to achieve, which means that the more you drive, the better your skills at it become, virtually, at least!

Drive Mad through the Winter roads!

Hold the pedal on the right to accelerate forward, and hold the one on the left to go backward, using the mouse to do it if you're playing on a computer, and use the finger directly on your screens if playing on a phone or tablet.

In each level you need to reach the end of the course without crashing, so make sure not to drive too fast or recklessly, since turning over and getting the pixel truck splintered into pieces is what will happen to you, causing you to lose.

Follow the various on-screen instructions you receive to figure out the best way for driving, and even if the levels get hard, always strive and work harder. Enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.