Crazy Slap

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What is Crazy Slap?

Crazy Slap

Crazy Slap is a new kind of skill game combined with fighting games in 3D, which is meant to be quite funny since the only way of fighting you will do will be using slapping, which we invite you to do right now in this amazing new experience we would highly recommend, even more so if you love formats of games such as Fall Guys, which had been an inspiration for this one!

Throw a Crazy Slap to win the battle!

With the mouse you move your blob-like character on the map surrounded by water, where you have to slam into the other blobs and slap them around, doing so until you can throw them into the water, eliminating all the opponents you encounter to win the fight.

Of course, they will aim to do the same to you, so know that if you get thrown, slapped, or dropped into the water, you lose and have to restart. The more you hang on and keep surviving, the higher you will rank on the leaderboard, so we hope that you will keep improving on that! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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