Neon Pong Multi player

20.09.2022 715 2 votes

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What is Neon Pong Multi player?

Neon Pong Multi player

Playing ping pong multiplayer games is not something everyone can say they do really often, which is why it makes us really happy that right at this moment we could share this amazing game with everyone, where you can do exactly that, and we're sure you will really love it!

Play Neon Pong Multiplayer with people all across the world!

Use the mouse to control your paddle at the bottom of the screen to use it to shoot the ball back at the top, where your enemy will do the same, and your goal is to get the ball to pass past them, and then you score a point, with the first player that reaches 11 points becoming the winner.

It's player vs player, so anything can happen, unlike if you were playing against the computer, whose rhythm you might catch on to. Choose a name, connect to the server, and then let the fun begin!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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