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Gem Stacker

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Gem Stacker
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Gem Stacker Overview


Welcome to Gem Stacker, a game that once again proves why the obstacle course running games in 3D that have become so popular lately really deserve a place here and are worth giving your attention to, since each one manages to come up with a new and interesting premise where you have to evolve all the time, because even diamonds started out as rocks, as proven by this awesome game!

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With the mouse, you move the hand to grab rocks, and then put them through the various machines that cut them up and chip away at their hard parts, so that you find the jewels, rocks, and diamonds in the middle of them, trying to make as many gems by the end of the course as possible.

Avoid gates and obstacles that look dangerous, because they are, and they will cause damage and regression to your gems, meaning that you will have to avoid them, or you will lose progress and maybe even the level. Try getting as much bonus as possible at the end of a run too. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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